#82 – Don't Bet The Banchero SleepHawk Worldwide

Big Hawk and Sleep Dawg discuss the NBA draft and how Paolo Banchero is an underwhelming #1 pick. Chet Holmgren is tall and skilled, but might get blown over by a ceiling fan. Golden State has proven that they're good at drafting with their long list of successful sleepers. MJ drafts a dookie. Sleep warns the NCAA about mutiny from the power conferences. Crumbl cookie review, take two. 
  1. #82 – Don't Bet The Banchero
  2. #81 – Deon Thompson
  3. #80 – And That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles
  4. #79 – A Bunch of Malarkey
  5. #78 – Ya Heard?

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