A Couple Mountains to Climb

Tyler Hansbrough and Brandon Staton discuss the Bachelorette, Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Pfizer’s second most popular drug, and more.

MC Magic Matt 0:00
And now the SleepHawk Worldwide Podcast. Here are your hosts, Brandon Staton and Tyler Hansbrough.

Brandon Staton 0:14
What’s up everybody? Welcome to the fourth episode, I think, of the SleepHawk. Worldwide Podcast. Obviously, this is the first time you’ve seen our faces. If this works; if it makes it to the internet, it’ll be a miracle. I got a fire hazard in my kitchen… Tyler sitting there drinking protein shakes… 4:30 in the afternoon, local time; I’m already drinking because this was a stressful thing to set up. So, you know, hopefully this makes it to the airwaves. But you know, we’ve got all kinds of cool stuff to talk about: the election’s happened since we last spoke; don’t really want to get into the politics. We talked about how just asinine some of the things going on are in regard to that. Our man Alex Trebek has passed away. So it’s obviously super sad news. Everybody’s got some cool Jeopardy stories. Tar Heel schedule’s out. Tar Heels mashed Duke last game. You know, just all kinds of stuff going on. So we’re going to get down to it and who knows where it’s gonna go? What’s up, T?

Tyler Hansbrough 1:06
What’s up everybody? Big Dawg here. Not a lot. Sitting in here in my condo. Nice little… think it’s Tuesday. But yeah, just nice little weather. But, uh, big Tar Heel win over the weekend, too, so…

Brandon Staton 1:25
Yeah, just always a good time to just throttle Duke. Although it’s, I don’t even understand why people get excited about that anymore…

The Bachelorette’s tonight. And just so everybody out there in SleepHawk Nation knows, like, last week, we got together on a on a zoom call. And, and I didn’t realize but I did realize I guess that the bachelorette was 40. And then as soon as we got on there, which I you know, I was shooting her down. The first episode should have done that. She looked great. Obviously. batshit crazy. Understand that. Um, but now she’s gone. And I didn’t really pay much attention to it. don’t really remember what the other girl’s name is? She’s pretty too but man. Wow.

I haven’t been missing anything for the last 20 years of the show or whatever.

Tyler Hansbrough 2:16
Yeah, and then, you know, I disagree. You know what we did? Someone fell in love. And yeah, it took a while took her only I don’t know how many times she’s been on the bachelorette/bachelor. But I mean, in, you know, we can talk about how many guys have made an attempt at that. And how many guys have it have fully, fully evolved, but I don’t think anybody’s hit the connection that her and Dale have. And I’m super happy that herondale finally found love…

Brandon Staton 2:46
Finally? It only took 15 minutes!

Tyler Hansbrough 2:49
Well, I mean, Dale’s a youngin. And you know, she’s been she’s been through… she’s… she’s climb some mountains….

Brandon Staton 3:04
Dale’s about to climb two mountains.

Tyler Hansbrough 3:07
Yeah Dale’s got his hands full. And I will say one thing I noticed is when, uh…

Brandon Staton 3:17
I noticed two things, just sayin’. But yeah, one thing you notice…

Tyler Hansbrough 3:21
Well I noticed a couple things too. But let’s say there’s been some work in the process. But you know, the one thing that peak of the whole Bachelorette thing was when she said, because I didn’t settle for guys like him whenever she kicked that guy off. And she made the; I guess it was dodgeball. The winners or losers had to strip which is totally acceptable. And nowadays in 2020 It seems like nothing wrong with that. But the guy said, hey, that’s disrespectful. You know, I came on here for love. And, you know, and, and when she said, You know what, and he left and she came back and told the crew, I’m not selling for guys like that. And then she went and got Dell, and they’ve been hemmed up ever since. And I think they’re gonna ride off into the sunset. And looking down the road. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have seven or eight kids and fully in love here in about 15-20 years. And I think it’s going to be magical story. And on top of that, the new one that they brought in, is ready to start fire. And I think the guys are desperate for attention after going through whatever they went with, went through with what I don’t even know her name.

Brandon Staton 4:41
It’s a strange name. I don’t think it’s actually that strange, but it’s an uncommon one.

Tyler Hansbrough 4:47
Yeah, it’s it’s something that didn’t catch me and I didn’t I didn’t care to learn. But the new one coming on is on ready and she’s much better. She’s more attractive in my opinion. But I hope she finds love and I hope she gives everyone a fair chance on that because they deserve it.

Brandon Staton 5:05
I give the first marriage, that chick and that dude, I give it you know? I’m gonna say 36 months that’s on the high side. Definitely think this chick is more of a keeper, the new one. Although I gotta be honest, man, I was watching. I had three things going on the same time. What was it? I was watching the election stuff. Like everybody else for 92 straight hours, I was watching a football game on my iPad and other one on my cell phone. And, you know, I was only half paying attention. I didn’t know about the dodgeball thing, but uh, yeah, they always have some gimmicky shit on there. And these dudes are all like shredded. So it makes sense. But, uh, yeah, my favorite part was the guy’s titles like what they do for a living. The one dude was like, a zookeeper or some shit. Like he was, I can’t even remember what it was a wildlife something or another? Yeah. I was like, okay, like watered plants or some shit for a living.

Tyler Hansbrough 6:01
When you dive deep into the whole process, we got a fact checker. Here it SHWW. Just formed her name is Claire. And the first one though,

Brandon Staton 6:11
Claire was the first one. That’s where…

Tyler Hansbrough 6:13
she goes, she’s in the clear, she found love. She’s gone. But when you dive dive deep into what these guys do, this guy is a pest control agent. And I think that was a that was a pretty unique spin for that. But um, you know, he’s there to find love. And

Brandon Staton 6:32
The light shuttered out my dead basil in the windows, so which is probably why I can’t make it on to the to the bachelor, but uh, yeah, man, maybe I’m just a hater. You know, I mean, here I am, to live my own real life Bachelorette, or bachelor or whatever it is. You know, so a, you know, I wouldn’t be caught just fucking dead on that shit. Now, maybe the one with the girls and the one guy. Like, I could see myself in that sort of environment. But man, there’s just no way you would ever be caught dead. I mean, it takes a lot of money to get me in that house,

Tyler Hansbrough 7:05
you know, you hope you’re you open yourself up to vulnerabilities. And, you know, it’s not, it’s easy. It’s not easy to do, especially in front of all of America or the world. But the one guy that really kind of is like, don’t I felt bad for this guy, the guy that has a beard and look like they took some guy out of a cardboard home in the middle of San Francisco and just said, Hey, you won’t be able to Bachelorette. And he said, Yeah, sure. Okay, and we’ll put some clothes on. And so they put them in quarantine, this guy has never opened up the way he did. He opened up declare, and they scream in the desert, and mountain peaks. And now he’s got to go through this process again. And when I heard him talk about that, whenever Claire picked Dell, my heart sank because that guy open himself up to vulnerability, and like he’s never done before. And I really felt bad for that. But the fact chapter just said, to Aisha, to she she, to pay Shah, to listen, if you’re gonna give me these names, we got to go ahead and put some pronunciation but I’d be our

Brandon Staton 8:12
fact checker is a hollers resident girlfriend. I mean, she might as well, she might as well produced and directed the show.

Tyler Hansbrough 8:22
Yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 8:25
take Alisha t shirt.

Tyler Hansbrough 8:29
That’s the name. Um, and yeah, I’m looking forward to a show. I think it’s gonna be very interesting. But

Brandon Staton 8:35
my favorite part of all of it is I was paying attention, you know, because I was in and out or zoom in, you know, um, and, uh, my dog is just gonna absolutely ruin this. She’s in here. Like just begging, I got her locked into my bedroom where there’s carpet so we don’t hear a clicking around with a one of those accordion things that you dry your clothes on. And all she’s doing is just standing there wagging her tail like begging to get out. Dog, by the way, is a great podcast friendly at all. However, um, the My favorite part of the whole thing was when the chick said she was leaving, Claire says she’s leaving, right? And the host comes out of course, this shows just like, drama, a volcano of drama is waiting to erupt before every commercial, right? And they walk out and they’re like, Hey, man, she’s leaving. Like, Dale, you know, swung his dick around and and she’s gone, dude. And so this one dude is like, oh, like, Oh, no, like, I’m vulnerable open my son. They’re like, half cry and and shit. And then he’s like, you got a choice. You know, you can leave or you can stay here and not have been like, these guys. I started like, I’m like, dude, these guys are acting like they’re gonna leave. Right? Or they might or they got like a real hard decision to make like, bro, you’re gonna be famous for as long as you’re on this show. And then that’s it, like ship has sailed name one guy. I mean, maybe maybe you know our fact checker could name one off Yet star is burned out.

Tyler Hansbrough 10:02
Yeah, people want to go back to get rid of termites emails once a day I’ll back

Brandon Staton 10:05
out dressed right and they’ll show up dressed like they’re Joseph a bank, commercial. Bankers walk out with their suits on. They didn’t

Tyler Hansbrough 10:13
hire personal trainers for 15 months and eat right good diet. Just take the shirts off in front of America. Clams up after two or three weeks.

Brandon Staton 10:24
Oh, man, you know? Yeah, I mean, it is just a is a Mila I’m watching tonight. I’m in and I’m not gonna lie, like I’ve been, you know, shoot my shot here and there where I can you know, and I’m not you know, it’s a it’s a I think is a big plus. Like girls really are intrigued when you like I named Dr. Dale to this girl that like, you know, I’m trying to holler at and dude, she was she was she was loving. I’ve never met her yet. So I mean, obviously, she’s not that into it. So maybe I’m wasting my time too. But, you know, it’s just it’s comical man girls and the bachelor in the bachelorette. I just never understand it. It’s like Bravo and the and the Kardashians and all that sort of stuff. It’s like but you

Unknown Speaker 11:06
do watch it.

Brandon Staton 11:07
I mean, watch this shit. And it’s like, man, I I honestly can’t look away. I get it. It’s the stupidest thing on television.

Tyler Hansbrough 11:16
Yeah, I mean, we all have our our shows or whatever our board TV or clicking through. I remember growing up. I used to watch a lot of cops. And I’m pretty sure they’re not playing that on the airwaves. Now, that would be pretty controversial because

Unknown Speaker 11:32
there’s actually a big

Tyler Hansbrough 11:35
now they’re addressing some things but I mean, good. I mean, they’d have you on that juicy

Brandon Staton 11:43
I’ll tell you what, did it have you on the edge of your seat and what wasn’t nearly as bad as the bachelorette. It was the football game last night. I know you don’t watch a lot of football. Dude. It was the jets and the Patriots. It was a dumpster fire. The Jets are Oh, an eight going in the Patriots are two and five. I think Cam Newton is the quarterback. He had literally thrown two touchdowns and seven interceptions. They hadn’t skipped patriots hadn’t scored a touchdown in the first quarter all season. And I fell asleep and like I don’t know, halfway through the second quarter woke up and somehow apparently the Jets lose this game after they’ve been winning the whole time. Joe Flacco is the Jets quarterback dude, it was I would watch. I would catch up on The Bachelor. I’d watch every single season. And and i’d know, I’d know. I know the bachelor his middle name before I ever watched that game again. Dude, it was a disaster. Do you watch any of it?

Tyler Hansbrough 12:43
You know, I clicked on it. And I was watching a little bit of it. And the game got out of hand in the first half. And in my mind, I was like, Why can we have the Jets on Monday, the jet should not be on. They should not be on Sunday through Sunday. They should not be on TV. But they put them on primetime Monday and what else I have to do I’m sitting in my house I watch a little bit and they’re they’re destroying the Patriots and somehow that they miss manage it. And the game was so out of hand when I was watching in the beginning and then I just clicked on to my my TV show yellow stone which I’m watching right now. And then I clicked back later and I saw the guy make the field goal not just like typical jets and just turned it off and laughed. And somehow

Brandon Staton 13:29
I got suckered into doing DraftKings which you know, I will have to plug our DraftKings league here for the nine people that are gonna watch this to join our league. Cuz I mean, it believe me is the easiest money you’ll ever make. Based on my track record, dude, I just got blown out. I everybody I pick, just hit a dud. And I mean, like, I don’t think I’ve come close to winning anything in DraftKings since the first week of the season. I’ve got to be down 500 bucks, which I mean book site. Some people probably lose that in a game but yeah, I do this. Uh,

Tyler Hansbrough 14:09
yeah. So I joined I’m on DraftKings. We got a little lobby going. Sh WWE. everybody’s welcome. And listen to me. I’ll tell you one thing. It means sleep when it’s an issue. It is an issue because my team got destroyed.

Brandon Staton 14:28
Yeah, you came in last.

Tyler Hansbrough 14:30
My fantasy football team has one. I’m pretty good at fantasy football. Why? But when it comes to like these one day, Sunday things I get so excited. I don’t know what to do. I overanalyze, and then I started looking at other people’s teams. And I saw people were leaving. They were overpaying for a really good like dalvin cook or Russell Wilson and then they would leave a spot blank. And I think that’s that might be the way that I view my new strategy like Leave a defense or something that doesn’t score a lot of points leave that blank and then go big on like these big guys.

Brandon Staton 15:09
Yeah it was funny because I looked early last night at who was in finally got in one of these like you know million dollar pools or you have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning $5 much less a million and it early on in the first half to do that was in first place had both teams defenses. I was like, Damn, that was pretty smart. Meanwhile, my guys are fumbling the ball and I don’t know did I don’t even know if Jameson Crowder was his name? Crowder. I don’t even know if he was even in New York last night. I should it should serve me better than pick a fucking Duke receiver for my for my DraftKings team, but anyway, one of the things we were thinking about I was thinking about is DraftKings also has contests for the Masters, which is obviously this week. And I saw her sergios got COVID he’s not in. Um, I think the mat is gonna dump rain all weekend. Just like classic disaster of I don’t know, man. I don’t know if this means that Shambo is gonna win which will be miserable. Because you know the balls not gonna. You’re not just gonna have to carry it everywhere. Or maybe maybe opens the door for tiger. Because, you know, the greens are gonna be receptive. It’ll

Tyler Hansbrough 16:24
be interesting. Would you want

Brandon Staton 16:26
to win Tiger all day? Oh, you’re

Tyler Hansbrough 16:28
big Tiger. Tiger guy.

Brandon Staton 16:30
Yeah. Be Cool. Thomas like Justin like Webb Simpson. Love Adam Scott. I got a huge man crush on apps got one of the hottest dudes on tour. To be honest.

Tyler Hansbrough 16:40
Yeah, well, it’s really weird. I I would like to see Tiger in the running. Just because you know Tiger does like if he has a good hole, the text below Tigers back tile man. Ready? You’re not just for some weird reason. I love to see people get so excited. I mean, he has changed. I mean, this is a different subject, but like, people have gravitated towards golf. That guy is what golf is like. Mj is to basketball is what Tiger is to call, in my opinion. But I would like to see Tiger I also like to see Phil I always like Phil’s personality. I think he’s funny. He makes me laugh. But after golf and competitive, so I really do like Justin Thomas.

Brandon Staton 17:27
I love JT man. Yes. Great player. Great guy seems like

Tyler Hansbrough 17:31
yeah, I think he competes. I mean, sleep. We’re good golfers.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
Like I said, I

Brandon Staton 17:38
mean, we’re not really into Augusta. Like Give me the chance to play there. Maybe. Maybe you’ll catch me out there. Um, I mean, I would probably like honestly from the tournament tees back there. Obviously never. I’ve never even been never even walked the grounds. They act like it’s the hardest place on the planet. But I just don’t understand because like, all these guys get like the best lie. I get the ball in the pine trees. And this dude’s I Oh, there’s my boss. I’m I found it for me. And what do you know, like it’s it’s propped up on this lush pine straw. I mean, I’m breaking 110 out there.

Tyler Hansbrough 18:15
I don’t know from tournament tees. Put me at the blue tees. oberek on our tan, I would have to get like I would have to get my confidence up and to break 110 I think I’d have to start off with the first two or three good holes in a row. And I think I would do well.

Brandon Staton 18:34
Isn’t 18 or you just got to hit it down the pipe with the trees on both sides.

Tyler Hansbrough 18:40
Um, is it so I don’t I haven’t really studied a guest. Is it long? How’s the layout?

Brandon Staton 18:45
I don’t know, man. I only imagine like Dude, all I’m saying is, is that Oh, you just got a pipe it down the middle and they always put it on TV. Dude, it looks like you’re headed down a hallway.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
I mean,

Brandon Staton 18:58
my ball would rifle off one of those pine trees. So and my ball never hits a tree and kicks into the fairway or anywhere I can find it. If my ball hits the tree. It is literally going three counties east. And it is never been heard from or seen again.

Tyler Hansbrough 19:14
Listen, if I’m playing in that tournament, and there’s an audience by the 18th poll, they’re telling people get the fuck out of the way. They’re clearing the fairways. They’re putting shields up. They’re guarding the audience to sign waivers if they want to watch they I mean my ball could be I can I can shoot that thing.

Brandon Staton 19:35
at the frontline of this sub 14th century war everybody just been dealt down with a shield just protecting the elders. machine gun and balls out this side.

Tyler Hansbrough 19:51
I think I think it was Coach Williams. What’s a famous par three hole win numbers as at 12. I think well what is that?

Brandon Staton 20:00
Is it amen corner I think it’s the thing is 13 gosh is probably bad like we should really know more about it. We should

Tyler Hansbrough 20:06
study up on this. We really do like golf. But I think Coach Williams has played a guess a few times. And I think he had a birdie putt or something like that and just putting it right off the green and just had to think of follow up for a triple or double or whatever because it went right into his either water or whatever. But I’ve heard him talk about it. It’s obviously one of his favorite courses actually played Pine Valley. This spring, which was a one of the best courses I’ve played. Yeah, I was pretty fortunate to do the

Brandon Staton 20:44
best. I’ve played. I played at TPC Tampa. I played at Sedgefield, which is in Greensboro. A lot of folks have played there. I think those are the two two best places. I played a thing about TPC Tampa, that was great. And really Sedgefield too, is like I was saying like, I mean, the courses are hard like you have to hit shots to certain places. It’s not really when you suck like me it’s like not you don’t have to hit it distances like I mean if you’re good obviously you’re you’re you’re hitting to certain spots, but like you go try to hit the ball upon the green forget it dude like yeah, like a table top to hit it on. Not to mention, if you breathe on the ball, it’s just like, like, shoot marbles or some shit. Yeah. But you always got a good lie. That’s the part I don’t understand is as good as these golfers are I mean, I think part of it is, you know, they argue always say to, like, lean their shaft or whatever. You know, like a seven iron is like your five iron, which I think is probably bullshit. I think they really do just hit the ball that far. Uh, but yeah, I always wonder I’m like, dude, that’s the My favorite part is like, so I’m watching a guy. And it’s like, Oh, is this is 230 It’s a six iron and you’re like, What? But then like later, you’ll see him and they’re like, 160. And it’s like an eight iron. And you’re like, Okay, well, that’s

Tyler Hansbrough 22:03
like, here’s the thing you stand in, there’s, it’s hard to compare basketball with golf. But as a professional athlete, and somebody who has played basketball, sometimes, people that are so good at a particular sport, they make things look easy. And I think when we watch these golfers and mean, you golf a lot, and we’ll have some good rounds, we’ve got some rounds in the 80s. And I’m broken at I think, Oh, yeah, once or a couple times on occasion. And you know, they have these good rounds, and or they make shots look easy. And I think that’s what these good golfers can do is that make things look so easy that we think we can go out there and duplicate that. And the amount of practice amount of practice balls I’ve hit on the range. And you know, it’s it’s, it’s really it’s comical to think that one of the best players that one of these clubs can just walk into one of these tournaments and dominate. It’s a it’s just, it’s just crazy how good these guys are at golf once you go out and kind of play.

Brandon Staton 23:17
Dude, yeah, one of the wildest things I think my first real professional golf experiences I went to watch the US Open at Pinehurst in 2014. And it was on a Saturday. And I was blown away, I guess they had turned turn one of the holes right away from the clubhouse into the driving range. And obviously it wasn’t on number two, which is where they were they were playing a tournament it was on one of the other courses. And I mean, there was like flags out in the, you know, fairway or whatever. And these dudes are hitting fades and draws and like Dude, literally, you could walk out there with a hand pick and pick up all the balls because all these dudes are hitting balls, and I’m talking your 250 6070 yards away, right up to like 50 yards out. I mean, they’re all just hitting the balls in the same spot. And it was amazing watching those guys.

Tyler Hansbrough 24:03
You know, I played well, I don’t know this, but I played in the program one time with Peter Yuan. And who’s a pretty good golfer. He’s not I mean, he’s not I don’t think he’s one of the top 10 in the world right now. But I mean, he’s pretty damn good. And

Brandon Staton 24:19
definitely not one of the top 10 in the world I’ve

Tyler Hansbrough 24:21
never heard of I don’t know where he is. I mean, he at one point he may be top 5075 I’m not sure me still Yeah. And so watching him and watching the way he approaches the game. It was you know, one thing about an athlete is sometimes I go in there warmups or whatever I like to watch people I like to watch a routine I like what the watch their thought process and everything like that. But he made like his mistakes he made up for his mistakes. So easy. And it was unbelievable. I mean, you we shoot it in the woods, in the woods. We’ll dump it maybe once or twice to get it out of the woods. I mean, you take this guy, I mean, he’s off he misses a fairway and that’s like his woods for him. And so what he’s doing is he’s making up for these shots just and you know just things look so easy and I’m just like man, this is unbelievable. And the swing and the smoothness and every every golfer I guess every athlete has something that they’re really good at or something like that that they can do. And I think for him he was hitting like a driving iron or something like that. And so I would I walked up to it was like, Hey, man, we should wait when you hit that driving iron because I can’t hit my driver real well, I kind of throw it all over the place. He was telling me I put a like a majority of my weight on my front foot, blah blah blah. And so it was cool to see interact with him and kind of get like his feel for the game and see how he approaches it how easy he makes again,

Brandon Staton 25:48
what time does he can tee off?

Tyler Hansbrough 25:51
Listen, fans probably on families behind me right now. But the key is probably our family right now. I mean, you know what I do love sometimes I’ll look out my window I’ve got a condo right about family. And so sometimes I’ll look out there and I’ll see if games playing. But I get no bigger smile when I look out my window and it’s just pouring rain. And there’s one damn golfer with this bag on his back and it’s cam and I love watching our good buddy just get drilled with rain and for him just a walk like it’s normal nothing out just like I just get so excited when I see that.

Brandon Staton 26:24
Yeah, I’m best was one day cam and I were playing and so Tyler for those of you you know new to the show, or no that has nothing to do with it. So Tyler lives on the on the course and on the what is it 1617 to 1317 t so if he ever sees us out there knows where there he’ll come out on the patio and right at the top of your backswing just yell something right and one of the funniest things is one day we were out there and we’ve got these two other guys that are like field hockey coaches or something at UNC. And I mean they’re they’re cool guys like they were super serious but they were serious enough and one of them was like a brand new code they just gotten there and I thought I thought we knew him right at the top of this guy’s back saying I do dumped it off his tea we had to explain that away it was hilarious. Um But yeah, I mean I do some best work out there on the 17 t because I mean ties in Tyler’s just out there you know, support me on like cam you know we as we’ve said many times on the show you know I would love to see cam in the Masters but I think if the role was reversed and say like you know I practice a little bit and you know, I made the cut out i don’t think i think cam would rather see anyone when but us

Tyler Hansbrough 27:55
yeah and here’s the deal as I told him I said listen cam if you ever own a slim limb ever make it to the to any golf event listen to the back. Yeah, you know, the whatever the you know, so something of significance. I’m not going to go Hold your bag at the fenley championship course and yeah, look around look like a Dumbo but I’ve listened put the bags on my back I will carry for you. I will be the biggest stamp caddy out there. Once a guy and Happy Gilmore where the big ass dude.

Brandon Staton 28:27
Oh, yeah. chubs

Tyler Hansbrough 28:29
No, not jugs. You know the big big big white guys sitting back there that will be me in the crowd for cam

Brandon Staton 28:40
that would not be me. Yeah, I mean, honestly, like we said cam is really good. I think he I think cam genuinely believes and I mean cam is in his 30s now, right? He can genuinely believes that he will play in the Masters before he dies.

Tyler Hansbrough 28:59
And listen, can’t listen to this. And I’ll tell you what, I know he’s smiling. And in his mind, he’s like, I can’t wait to prove these guys wrong. Yeah, you know what we hope you do. If you do I tell you

Brandon Staton 29:10
what cam will have you as a guest. And you can you can have your day. You can tell us how you did it. I mean, your stardom will be an all time high. Or you know, once you once you land this gig, but yeah, man, good luck. Um, you know, if you’re listening out there, you know, let us know what time you’re teeing off because we’ll tune in. Like your hopes. Our man, Alex Trebek is passed away. Do Did you ever watch Jeopardy?

Tyler Hansbrough 29:41
I did not. My grandpa was a big Jeopardy fan. And, you know, clicking through the channels I would sometimes I would, I would. I would watch a little bit of it. And

Brandon Staton 29:54
you probably weren’t very good at jeopardy.

Tyler Hansbrough 29:56
Yeah, that’s to say yeah, they’re very good. You know? I must be honest, I was never invited on Jeopardy. But I would watch Jeopardy and I would try to see if I knew an answer. Yeah, like, as soon as I’m in the ballpark, and usually say that I didn’t know Contrary

Brandon Staton 30:17
to popular belief, all right, I’m going to mount more like, I’m a relatively smart person, like, Jeopardy is insane. I’m convinced that what happens is you try out for the show. And like every other contestants get to like, basically, like create a profile of things that they’re into. Right. And, and I think those are among the categories that are possible, right? Although, you know, cuz sometimes you get a category, like one of the one of the great clips that they were showing, you know, and I got a couple true back stories I’ll share before, this is a point I’m getting to here, but uh, you know, they would, um, they showed the clips where they were doing, they were going down like football terms, and all three of the people they were just straight nerds. And he’s asking questions, and they’re just like, nobody’s ringing the bell at all right? And he’s just like, descend on these idiots because they don’t know what like a football helmet is and stuff, right? Um, but you know, that was hilarious. Of course. Like the all time classic clip was there was a something about the rap genre. And dude, he was like, speaking eloquently. rap lyrics like designer is like Panda Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda Panda. Like dude, who is designer. He’s like, right, next clue. So um, you know, the thing about like, my thing with Jeopardy is like, if you are ever if you ever tuned into an episode, and you actually do know quite a few, you always keep track of what you get. Right? That’s it, that’s the best part about playing at home is there’s no penalty for like, they say, This country was such and such. And you’re like, Africa is like that’s not a country. And you just forget about the loss and move on to like the you know, thing you get right. Yeah. 10 quid. Yeah, this is a self esteem boost, right. But the thing about Tibet that was really cool man is like, it was I think maybe part of it’s 2020 a part of it is just like he’s obviously had a very public battle with his pancreatic cancer. My grandmother died from cancer. And she used to watch the wheel of fortune. I think it’s Jeopardy and then the Wheel of Fortune, every single day, every day without fail. So I mean, I kind of grew up on the show. And it was like, in the in the afternoon, like, I went, I would go to her house and spend the day like, she’d watched prices, right. So Bob Barker is my main man, but it was kind of kind of crazy, man. It’s like one of the few people left that you feel like this dude died, but you knew him and you never met him before, you know. And he was like a treasure man. He was funny. He was intelligent. You know, a lot of people. Um, you know, he just seemed like a really good dude. And in that sort of sphere, you know, he kind of reminded me a lot about you know, he people revered him like they revere Dean Smith. You know what I mean? They’re just like, this dude was a good guy. There’s like, no bad stories about it. So it’s a bummer man. Because this is what that inevitably means is a show like that. It’s just, nobody can replace it. So it’s, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. But, uh,

Tyler Hansbrough 33:19
yeah, and, you know, it’s, uh, you know, as somebody who wasn’t a big time, Jeopardy follower. You knew his signature voice and you knew the day and you knew, it’s hard to associate Jeopardy with anybody else. I mean, that guy is the face of jeopardy. And I think the show must go on, though. And that’s one of my favorite sayings is, is I’m not trying to make light of it. But it’s too good of a show not keeping the word. Yeah. And I think Tribeca would definitely want that. And I think he has brought a lot of joy to people’s lives. And I know my grandpa was a huge follower. My girlfriend’s cousin was actually on Jeopardy. So I do that. Yes, he’s tech. Believe me. Yeah, very smart family. But they probably a lot smarter after they talk to me.

Brandon Staton 34:17
I tell you what, I bet he had a hell of a fucking colonial Penn life insurance policy. And he didn’t that place desert they did set the headquarters on fire that place. Yes, man for colonial Penn life insurance. One of the one of the best of all time. What else do we got going on? I think I had I had a couple other things here of note, but none of it seems very significant here. But the

Tyler Hansbrough 34:45
other big things we got the COVID vaccine.

Brandon Staton 34:47
That’s right. Yeah.

Tyler Hansbrough 34:49
Pfizer probably one of it’s my second favorite pharmaceutical company. They put some good products out there and I think we’re, we associate them with some other things.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
Now one, good one

Tyler Hansbrough 34:59
and they got one

Not a lot of people know about. But you know, I’m glad to see they’re helping the code, the deleting the COVID charge and, you know, a two for one. package deal.

Brandon Staton 35:19
dollar baggers to get with COVID. Shop free,

Tyler Hansbrough 35:23
was free. All jokes aside, I mean, this is a big This is big for selfishly, I would like to see sports return, I think we’re all kind of like, itching for something to get back to some normalcy. And I think this provides, you know, everything goes right, some light at the end of the tunnel. And I think, you know, what we’re seeing is we’re seeing a second wave in this country and all throughout the whole world. As numbers rise, I think people are letting their guard down because they’re getting quarantine fatigue. And listen, if we can hold on and stay steady and know that there’s hope. I think these numbers could drop. Maybe we get back normalcy anytime soon.

Brandon Staton 36:01
Yeah, they’re talking about having a vaccine out by the end of the month, which is crazy. Really makes you think like, you know, and I think people are talking about how they won’t take it because they don’t trust it. This that, you know, there’s there was that whole dialogue thing at this point. People were like, man, it can’t get much worse, right? Is it gonna kill me? Oh, the odds, it kills me. If it doesn’t, I’m taking it, you know, and I’ll be I’ll be in line as soon as they offer it up. You know, cuz Yeah, it’s just a, it’s what we’ve been waiting on, from what I understand. It’s like a year thing, right? So like, the same way you get a flu shot, you know, and imagine it’ll, it’ll kind of go this route, but uh, it would be nice, man. It will be nice, too. I know a lot of people don’t want to go back to work. But uh, yeah, I do want to go back to work but they don’t want to go back to work. Yeah,

Tyler Hansbrough 36:47
my girlfriend’s actually pharmacists, she studies as well she doesn’t study vaccines, but she’s in the industry kind of area and stuff like that. And so she was just telling me you know, hey, let’s let’s be realistic and a lot of these things there’s, there’s some there can be some delays and hold ups and things like that. So you know, if we can just you know, hang on not lose, let’s all not go I mean, the holidays are gonna be a tough one. So you know, missing holidays and not being able to go see family and flying all at places by not a good idea. But if we could just hang out and just know that help is on the way and also people don’t don’t expect this vaccine to be readily available to the general population. At first it says my understanding is the first people are going to get it or the first responders and the people who need it. So you know, if you’re young and healthy Hey, stay keep the precautions and you know your time is coming but not right now.

Brandon Staton 37:44
Yeah, it’s it’s still a serious issue man, we like see the light at the end of the tunnel. hope everybody just doesn’t let the guard down. Because we we’ve come this far. And I mean, God knows we’ve army crawled our way to this fucking point. But it would be nice to get a you know, to get a ray of hope to come through and it sounds like it might be it. I don’t want to get into politics, we have made a conscious decision not to do that on our show. But there’s one thing dude that I just can’t ignore, which is that and this has nothing to do with political affiliation. But the word out there is is when when when Giuliani set up this this like presser he thought they were doing it at the four seasons. And it turns out it was at this place called the Four Seasons like lawn and garden. And someone made the decision that was like, Alright, let’s roll with it. And it turns out that this lawn and garden places next like an adult toy store, and some other place like a crematorium or wherever you go when you get cremated. And so like I mean, I love the internet is like few things in the world that are better than the internet. I mean, I don’t think there’s anything better but it has just been a blaze with just these like memes and stuff. And did you see this is it is absolutely hilarious. And man if if it doesn’t matter who is standing there like I would be clowning anyone. It was just like dude. How, how could that happen?

Tyler Hansbrough 39:20
Yeah, you know, I didn’t see it. But one thing

Brandon Staton 39:25
from a garage door and a lawn and garden place that he thought was a Four Seasons Hotel. You are

Tyler Hansbrough 39:33
right about the means. Nevada is getting killed like you think you think of a place that has numbers and deals with more numbers than any other state like we got Vegas, sir. There’s no more gambling that happens anywhere in Vegas. Numbers everything you put How in the hell are you taking this damn long? like come on Nevada, what’s up, and I’m looking through Instagram and I’m seeing every Nevada meme and I’m just dying in my mind and like and they look like some knows

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